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POLASH ® is a polymer ma terial in the form of composite monomers emulsion to modify the mechanical and material properties of concrete or mortar.

POL ASH ® can be added as one of the components in concrete or mortar during mixing to improve the hardening, strength and durability.


POLASH ® i s very suitable for use in marine concreting works : bridge decks, a butments, parking area, bridge pillars, road pavements, machine foundations, sleepe rs, other civil structures, and recast concrete components.


POLASH ® is made from reactive monomer materials which can increase the durability, impact resistance, compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, bond strength, and split tensile strength. Coefficient of expansion is relatively fixed, more resista nt to heat, and saltwater.

International Harmonized System Code
(HS Code) : 3824.40.00.00
Prepared additives for cements, mortar or concrete


  • mix sand and crushed stone first
  • disperse 0.5% – 1% (by volume of water) of POL ASH ® into water
  • mixing for about 3 minutes
  • add cement gradually until the mixture evenly
  • achieve the desired slump

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